Appreciate everything you have.

I love life. It’s as simple as that. I have lovely friends, the most wonderful family and I’m so content and happy with things!

This weekend, yesterday to be exact, my sister and my best-friend  were on their way from Somerset to Cornwall to come and see us all for the weekend! But, my sisters car engine decided it would be a good time to set alight! Her beautiful Alice (yes we name our cars haha), was on fire, on the side of the road!

I was terrified, we all were, especially when the phone calls were so brief! They’re both okay though.  And for that.. I couldn’t be more grateful. I’m so, so glad their okay. Just that has made me appreciate all the good things in life!!

What do I appreciate?

I appreciate the birds and the trees and all things lovely. I appreciate the effort and the time that my friends and family put in to make me happy. I love the way that my family and friends know that I appreciate them and their entire existence. Sometimes I take a step back and just watch everyone talk and laugh together, it’s the most beautiful thing.

I appreciate my job, which is only a part-time waitress/bar maid in my local, but I appreciate the fact that I have the opportunity to earn my own money to pay my own way.  I also appreciate the fact that I am no longer in a dark place, and that I am happy. Because I did not think I would ever make it, but I did, and I appreciate that my family, especially my mum, was there to help build me into a better, stronger, more kind human being. Thanks mum!

Out of all these wonderful things, the thing that I most appreciate… Is the world itself. The way the tide is in sync with the moon, the changing of seasons and other wonderful things. I mean, how can you not love and appreciate the one thing that keeps us alive and is so far beyond beautiful that sometimes, it scares me that us humans ruin it.

What do YOU appreciate? I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading, all my love,

 x x

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