It’s Christmassss!

It’s Christmas time! Only 1 more sleep! Yayyy, tomorrow morning we will all wake up to give and receive presents and spend some lovely time together! I’m so excited:) Christmas to me is a time to spend with family, to love and to laugh together as one!

Mum and Dad, LOVE, Christmas. All things Christmas, including 24hr food shops! This includes us 5 bundling into the van at 11pm, travelling for just over an hour to get all of our final Christmas munchies! Were not going to need to go shopping again until way after the New-Year I reckon! Who am I kidding, give it a week and it will all be gone!!


On Christmas Eve we spend the day together as a family, watching films, walking our dogs&other wonderful family activities! In the evening after a  buffet dinner we watch The Polar Express and open our Christmas Eve boxes, these aren’t anything major but they usually have some sweeties, a face-mask and other small things! This year we all got a Disk Throw game! (Mum has been trying to find these for months as we used to play them when we were little.) For us, Christmas Eve is the day before the madness, we use it as a day to chill out and enjoy spending quality time together!

Since my older sister moved out, her and her boyfriend have come up to our house from Somerset to be able to spend Christmas Eve-evening and the majority of Christmas Day with us! This year she has brought her 2 doggos down with her, Ruby and Dexter. Later on me and Mum are going down to the local Church for Midnight Mass, a forever tradition for Mum and a new one for me!

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and an even better New-Year!!

Thanks for stopping by, once again, all my love




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