20 facts about me!

I thought for my first post that I’d tell you a little bit more information about me!

  1. My favourite time of the year is definitely December! It’s my birthday, and Christmas, all in the same month!
  2. I loveee a good chicken curry, can’t forget the nann bread of course though!
  3. I went to Australia for 6 weeks in 2013, It was most probably the best 6 weeks of my entire life.
  4. I love a good festival! I went to V-fest 2017 and it was fantastic and so full of love.
  5. Every time I eat  cheese and ham toasties I always remember going on holiday with my family and aunt!
  6. I work at my local pub and have done for the last 2 years.
  7. My ideal night would be with my friends or family watching movies ‘n’ eating snacks.
  8. I only drink water, weird I know!! But it’s been that way for longer than I can remember!
  9. I quite often find myself watching random documentaries  about completely irrelevant things.
  10. I am learning to drive!
  11. My husky babies are my entire world. (Nanook, Quinn and Niamh)
  12. I’m a big Eastenders fan!
  13. Travelling is one of my main goals in life.
  14. I have mega OCD about somethings, others not so much though.
  15. I’m finding it really hard to think of 20 semi/interesting things about me! Haha
  16. My favourite band is called “Sticky Fingers”..Slightly odd name I must say!
  17. I hate the city! I’m such a country bumpkin!
  18. I love sunrises and sunsets.
  19. I truly believe in life after death, in one way or another.
  20. I generally get upset when I watch the news  and when I find out about all the terrible things that happen in our planet.

There are 20 facts about me!

Thank you for reading,

Lots of love,

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